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Conditions We Treat

Brain is a fascinating beautiful complex organ which is the master organ controlling and co-ordinating all the functions of human body. Central Nervous System (CNS) has to work in balance with other systems such as Gastro-intestinal system, Autonomic Nervous System and Cardio-Vascular System in physiology to maintain health. When this balance is disrupted and when there is stress/burden on the brain, it tends to protect us and during that process, various symptoms/manifestations can start and can persist as well.

Conditions We Treat

We, at Brain Health Clinic, believe that Neurology & Psychiatry are the two faces of the same coin and that most of the overlapping symptoms in Neurology & Psychiatry can be accounted for aberrations in the physiological processes/underlying mechanisms of the brain. Some of these aberrations can be identified by state-of-the-art investigations such as Neuroimaging, but the current available investigations are non-invasive and they are not precise. Hence, it is important to get a comprehensive history and account of all the symptoms emanating from all the bodily systems including CNS to reach a clinical diagnosis and then to treat with effective interventions based on the current evidence. Psychotropic medications are one of the best interventions we have currently to treat such cluster of symptoms.


Here, we are going to list the conditions as they are described in our current classification systems (DSM & ICD), but BHC doctors would be happy to discuss and to work with you collaboratively towards effective interventions of cluster of symptoms.

Below list of conditions is not exhaustive. Please contact us to discuss your specific symptoms as we aim to provide person-centred specialist care and interventions:

  • What is Brain Health Clinic?
    The Brain Health Clinic is a specialized medical center focused on comprehensive care for neurological well-being for adults aged above 18 years. Our clinic offers diagnosis, treatment, and support for various brain-related conditions, delivered by experienced neurologists and healthcare professionals dedicated to enhancing brain health and overall well-being.
  • What kind of conditions does Brain Health Clinic specialize in?
    We have specialist expertise in diagnosis and treatment of most brain related conditions including Adult ADHD, Autism, Sleep Disorders, Psychosis, All Dementias including Alzheimer’s disease, Biological Depression, Anxiety Disorders, OCD, Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) and Neuropsychiatry of Neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis. Explore more from Conditions We Treat.
  • Who are the experts at Brain Health Clinic?
    Brain Health Clinic has expert Consultant Psychiatrists, Neurologists, and Psychologists who are highly experienced and empathetic in their approach. To learn more about our team, please visit the 'Our Team' section on our website.
  • What services does Brain Health Clinic offer?
    Brain Health Clinic offers remote video consultations for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and psychiatric conditions.
  • Does Brain Health Clinic offer comprehensive assessment for diagnosis and treatment of Adult ADHD?
    Yes, Brain Health Clinic offers comprehensive assessment for diagnosis and treatment of Adult ADHD including the report.
  • Are all the doctors at Brain Health Clinic fully registered with GMC?
    Yes, all Brain Health Clinic's doctors are fully registered with GMC, ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and expertise in their respective fields. You can trust in their qualifications and dedication to providing top-notch care and guidance for your health needs.
  • How can I contact Brain Health Clinic?
    Please contact us via telephone, email & Contact page on our website.
  • How do I book an appointment with Brain Health Clinic?
    You can book an appointment with Brain Health Clinic by visiting our website or calling us on telephone, by email or chat. You can also Book an appointment by clicking here.
  • How long does an appointment at Brain Health Clinic last?
    The duration of the appointment depends on the type of consultation required.
  • What is the cost of an appointment at Brain Health Clinic?
    The cost of an appointment depends on the type of consultation required. Please see 'fee schedule' for further details.
  • Does Brain Health Clinic offer telemedicine services?
    Yes, Brain Health Clinic offers remote video consultations.
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